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TEA SCAPE AFRICA is a major exporter of high quality black tea and specialty teas in the world, it sells Tea directly to all local and international buyers who may or may not be able to access Mombasa tea Auction due to various business restrictions, Tea scape Africa is ranked as the best Auction buyer for its unique way of handling various customers. tapioca pearls.


Benefiting you

From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more.

Eco package

Our tube packaging is 100% biodegradable + refillable, plastic-free

Highest quality

Our delicious teas using only the finest organic or wild harvested ingredients.

Loyal-Tea Rewards

Get commissions for every Ksh 1000 purchase

Brand Ambassadors

Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases


Away to bolster your bottom line quickly and easily

Kenya's #1 Selling Farm-Direct Kenyan Tea

5,000+ Reviews

Omar Abdala
Amazing Tea Products
I want to thank you for your tea. I have tried a lot of different teas and I liked your tea like no other.
Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
I am that I discovered your brand. This is the best variation of tea I ever tasted. I also appreciate what you do for the benefit of your workers.
Wonderful Taste & Perfect Quality Tea
I’ve been drinking it for more than 30 years 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful tasting and perfect quality tea, given to us...

Time for a Healthy Dose

Share the joy of wellness with your family and friends with our choicest teas. Happiness Delivered right in time.


Our Guarantee

Handmade Products

We create healthy artisan loose leaf teas, bath and body products, and infused sugars in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Great customer service

Finding companies that genuinely care about their customers is hard these days. We are here for you. We truly care about your health.

Natural Ingredients

We use ingredients made from the earth. Protect yourself and those you love. We don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives in our tea blends.

Sourced with Care

Sustainability and the Environment

We’re concerned about the use of plastics and are taking action to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce their impact on the environment.

100% Organic

Our tea is a rich, earthy blend of organic herbs and leaves, steeped to perfection and brimming with natural, vibrant flavor. It's a soothing and nourishing drink that connects you to the natural world with every sip.

Always Fresh

Our tea is consistently fresh and invigorating, with each sip offering a burst of aromatic flavor that awakens your senses. It's the perfect beverage to enjoy any time of day, as its freshness is guaranteed to uplift and energize.